SENIORITY | Brand Identity, UX/UI Design, UX Research


Create a platform that enables seniors to successfully obtain life insurance, no matter their current age or medical conditions.



From the beginning of this journey, we knew that Seniority was an โ€œinvestment projectโ€. This means that we would be building out the potential and creating a preview of what the site and app possibilities were, in order to be presented via a pitch deck to potential investors.
Our first goal was to establish a unique brand experience. This meant changing some of the initial brandings that had been put in place before this project began.

We altered the previous logo which was in an old-style classic typeface and updated it to something sleeker.











For the entire project, we wanted to go in a modern direction, versus something traditional. We created multiple style tiles to quickly lock down brand and design element options. After selections, we created two landing page header options that encapsulated the feel of an updated platform. We brought in illustrations of the elderly to create a human, approachable touch.

Author: lindseycreated