1A Supplements – Brand Identity, Art Direction, Social, Package Design



Create a unique identity and brand experience for a nutraceutical supplements company. 1A creates food and cannabis-based supplements for a target audience of 30-60-year-old, open-minded health enthusiasts.


To begin the brand journey, we created a logo that is more sophisticated, yet organic than competing brands – which were all heavily generic and sterile. We accompanied this with a color palette that can be used to touch both male and female target audiences.
Minimal + Modern Package Design
The package design features a minimal front with a modern design – intriguing in-store shoppers and capturing their attention enough for them to pick it up and turn it to the back where all key information resides.



A fresh new identity and designs that are ready for production and will launch 1A into its own realm in its market.

Author: lindseycreated